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15 Things Dogs Hate about Humans

Owning a dog is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. You may be doing certain things that your furry friend secretly hates dogs. Often you tolerate these behaviors because they are very loyal and easy to live with. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 15 things dogs hate about humans.

#1. Being Rushed at Potty Time

Dogs want to be able to take their time when they go to the potty.  In addition to their needs, they also like to have time to explore and sniff.  Instead of squeezing your dog, train him to come back when he’s done.  This is easily done with treats and positive reinforcement.

#2. Badly Timed Walks

Pay attention to your dog’s signals.  If it’s too hot or too cold outside, a walk may not be the best idea.  Humans often like lunchtime walks.  But don’t forget that in mid-summer, the sidewalk can be hot and very uncomfortable for your dog’s paws.  In winter, you will want to make sure that the temperature is not too low and that there is a place to walk without the snow being bulky.  Dogs can have snow between their toes, which makes walking difficult.

#3. Poor Nail Trimming

If you’re not sure how to do it properly, it’s best to leave it to a professional.  If you cut your dog’s nails too short, you will quickly cut a blood vessel and nerve in the nail. This can cause a heavy hemorrhage and injure your dog. 

On the other hand, if the nails are too long after being cut, they interfere with your dog’s walking and can cause pain.

#4. Deserting and Isolating

Dogs are pack animals.  When they are in the wild, they do everything together and are faithful to the pack.  For a domestic dog, you’re the leader of the pack.  When you can’t spend enough time with your dog, he may develop separation anxiety.

#5. Hugging

Even if it’s tempting, whole-body hugs are not good for dogs. A hug is usually threatening or intrusive for them, especially if they feel trapped.

Dogs are not human beings, so it can be disconcerting that someone comes to hug them or around their necks.  Instead of hugging a dog, let the dog lean towards you and stroke it on its back and chest.

#6. A Tight Leash

Dogs get irritated when they are kept on a leash all the time.  It is painful and can hurt and frustrate them. A dog can easily be trained on a leash thanks to the use of an appropriate harness and positive reinforcement. 

#7. Deviating from the Schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit.  They get used to a schedule and come to wait for certain things at certain times.  Try to have a regular schedule for everything from food to play. 

#8. No Opportunity to Explore

Dogs need exercise and love to walk around.  But walking around without the opportunity to explore is not fun at all.

Dogs see the world mainly through the smell.  It is not very nice to push your dog to walk around without allowing him to stop.

#9. Making them Apologize

Many people think that dogs know when they have done something wrong because they look guilty.  But in reality, your dog doesn’t regret chewing on your shoes or spilling your plants. Scientists believe that dogs cannot feel complex emotions such as guilt or shame. Your dog simply reacts to your body language and tone of your voice.  He seems scared or upset because you’re angry with him. 

#10. our House Has Scents They Hate

Dogs have between 1000 and 10,000 of your odor perception abilities.  Some odors may be barely noticeable, but they can be very troublesome for your dog.  Try to minimize perfumes, cleaning products, vinegar, chilies, and citrus odors.  This is not to say that these items may not be in your home at all, but you should provide a place for your dog where the smell will not be a problem. 

#11. Inconsistency

Make sure you all use the same hand signals and verbal orders with your dog so he knows what you want.  Giving conflicting signals can confuse and frustrate your pet. 

#12. Bath time

Dogs hate to take a bath for a variety of reasons. Their aversion to bathing goes far beyond the idea of getting wet. They may hate the smell of shampoo or be afraid of running water.

#13. Phrases

Orders with too many words confuse and frustrate them.  Use keywords instead of long sentences, and reinforce those words with gestures and body language.

#14. Past Trauma

The Humane Society speculates that some dogs are born with certain fears.  They may also develop fear due to past trauma.  Many dogs fear loud noises, and any loud and unusual noise can frighten them. 

Shouting at your dog is another way to create anxiety and stress.

Dogs can also be afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks.  You can’t control the forces of nature, but you should avoid taking your pet to places where its fears can intensify.

#15. Dressing your dog

Don’t buy clothes for your pet just because they can be cute in it. 

When it’s cold, you can dress your dog for walks, but don’t forget that he has fur that helps him regulate his body temperature. If you live in a colder climate and choose to use a jacket, make sure it is not restrictive.

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