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5 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Say you want to have your feline companion… but you’re allergic. That would be pretty problematic, wouldn’t it? Maybe, but there may be hope, after all! 

 You see, some breeds of cats are less likely to cause reactions than others.

 So what are the best cats for allergic people?

The truth is that there is no cat without allergies. However, females appear to have lower allergen levels and some cat breeds appear to be hypoallergenic. These breeds include the Siberian cat, Balinese, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, and Sphinx. 

What causes cat allergies?

Cat allergies are caused by an allergic reaction to one or more of the allergens produced by cats. 

As the sebaceous glands provide the hair with lubricating oil and the saliva is licked directly on the hair to keep it clean, you can see why cat hair becomes a real problem for people allergic to these proteins.

So why do some cats seem to provoke fewer reactions than others? 

We are not quite sure yet.

But there seem to be at least two factors at work.

The Hairs (less) Factor

Some people think that the distribution of loose cat hair has something to do with it. 

As we have seen before, it is not cat hair that people are allergic to. These are the proteins in their saliva and sebaceous glands. But the hairs become support and then distribute these proteins throughout the house.

It goes without saying that having less hair on a cat is good for allergic people.

And that’s why Rex is often a popular choice for those looking to adopt a hypoallergenic cat. Their hair differs significantly from other cat breeds in several respects.

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