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Amazing Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

The sun is shining and every member of your pack is itching to be outside. But just as summer poses risks for humans, the sweltering temperatures, overheated pavements, and harmful pests can be dangerous for dogs. These summer safety tips will help keep your pup healthy and happy this season.

1 – Protect the Paws

Protect the Paws

When it’s hot outside, keep Fido off the scorching asphalt and concrete. Not only will he burn his paws, but contact with hot surfaces may also lead to unhealthy body overheating. Look out for the following warning signs when you’re out walking together on a sunny day:

  • Limping or avoiding walking
  • Licking or chewing his feet
  • Paw pads are darker than usual
  • Pads are visibly damaged or show blisters/redness

Opt for walks on grass or buy your dog a soothing and protective paw balm or all-weather, neoprene reflective booties to beat the heat.

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