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How Do Cats Become Diabetic

Diabetes in cats is a condition that is rapidly becoming more and more common nowadays. You might think that the food cats eat is different from the food we eat, but the fact that cats and humans can become diabetic is a big exclamation mark. The question then arises: how do cats become diabetic?

There is no simple and clear answer to this question, but a main pattern can be developed from all the research and this always concerns the food we give to our feline boyfriends. Or more, the quality of this food.

How do cats become diabetic?

Before answering this question, one thing we need to clarify is the eating habits and behaviours of cats in general.

Cats are predators – carnivorous creatures – and that means they feed on the meat of their prey when they are in the wild, but also on what we give them or what they can fly with their little paws when they are with us.

Food quality

While a minority of cats may develop diabetes for genetic reasons or other underlying health problems that can lead to diabetes, most cats become diabetic because of commercial cat foods that are corn-based and gluten-based as the main sources of protein for cat meals.

And don’t think for a second that super-marketed premium cat food is not based on the same corn and gluten, as this is often the case. Be sure to look for corn- and gluten-free foods for your cat – and for yourself, if possible – and then go play in the garden with your furry boyfriend. Lack of movement is another indirect cause of diabetes in cats and humans.

Thus, while overweight and obese cats are more likely to develop diabetes, obesity is not the direct cause but the one that provides the conditions necessary for the development of diabetes. And obesity thrives with corn and bad carbs in general.

Natural food

Think about it for a second. A cat that lives in the wild will never feed on corn or other carbohydrates. Cats are carnivores, so their main source of food is meat.

You might think that your cat is not the savage of the past because it is domesticated, but the reality is that their instincts, body structure and genetic characteristics indicate that they are more close to their wild parents than to others.

A cat’s body is made to process meat and not cereals and corn, so it would be wise to look for better food alternatives, such as high quality canned food, if and when possible.

The price may seem too high compared to cheaper alternatives, but think about what veterinary treatment could cost cats who become diabetic or develop other diseases, as diabetes is not the only possible problem of poor quality cat food.

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